Joakim Olander

Frontend Web developer in Stockholm, Sweden

I'm a developer with passion for the web and working with code, design and user experience.

Since I started to work as a web developer in 2000. I have done a lot of web consulting and corporate websites, built up some quite large CMS like Spirello and a custom made for a online gambling company.

I prefer front end development with a lot of modular based JavaScript and well structured SCSS.

Well, HTML isn't the funniest and most challenging to work with, but I can feel very proud of a well structured markup as well.

At my work Mynewsdesk where we build a large scale Rails/JavaScript application and also trying out new inovation ideas. I currently work as Team Lead and developer for our inovation product Poptype where we play with Ruby On Rails, React, Coffeescript/JavaScript, Front end stuff, SEO and product development that I like very much.